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We have some sad news.

Rob and Thom have decided to quit the band to pursue a career in football in the nighties.

Chase your dreams, kids.


We’ve had such a brilliant weekend in London, chilling out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool in London with Radio 1′s Gemma Cairney.

(Who you might have seen on 8 Out Of 10 Cats this week).

Today, though, we’re back in Leigh and we’re planning our brand new music video!

Really exciting times.

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In honour of London Cocktail Week, this Friday we’ll be playing for Tia Maria again!
There’s free drinks, and the wonderful Radio 1 DJ, Gemma Cairney!


It’s national poetry day,
And we’re overwhelmed to say,
That we have a big announcement,
Right now, today.

We’ve all grown up on the Beautiful South,
The Housemartins; a band we couldn’t live without,
So imagine our faces when we got the news,
That Paul Heaton liked our songs and the things that we do.

His tour has sold out, but there’s an extra date,
We’re the main the support, now isn’t that great!

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott w/The Lottery Winners:

Tickets and more info here:


We’re playing at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester TONIGHT!

We’re on at 8:45, and it’s only £3.

Also on the bill are Victoria and White Eskimo. COME YOU MASSIVE MELTS.


Tyldelsey was pretty rowdy last week, wasn’t it?

Tonight we play in Hebden Bridge in an old ruined church at Heptonstall Festival, which is nice and pretentious.

We’re on stage at 6.40pm for a full hour and it’s free!


So that’s the end of our best, most successful, funniest festival season yet! We feel so privileged to have been able to travel and play in front to so many lovely people.

To celebrate we’re putting on a hometown gig at Cadence Cafe in Tyldesley next Saturday, the 13th.

It’s our first hometown show for ages, and we’re buzzing to be doing it! £2 on the door. BARGAIN.


We played at the Etihad Stadium again today!

That’s the Etihad, Old Trafford, Reebok and Leigh Sports Village.

Who says you can’t be a stadium band when you’re from Leigh?

Wigan town centre tomorrow at 11:30am for the Joining Jack 10K!


New Rochdale friends, thanks for standing in that minging rain yesterday for our support with Scouting For Girls.

You were a lovely audience.


We’re all arrived and ready at the Etihad Stadium for our set tonight.

Jason Manford, John Bishop and Mike Joyce are on too.


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